Dungeon Punks is a fast paced Action RPG beat 'em up with a unique Tag-Team fighting system and Local Player vs. Player Brawl Mode, set in a fantasy world of magic, mystery, and corporate greed. Recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who will blast your enemies senseless with their crazy magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play allows you to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside you at any time. Adventure awaits whether you’re going solo, playing with friends, or beating each other to a pulp in one of the many battle arenas!  The action is fast, the spells are furious, and total mayhem is bound to break loose every time you play.

Each player can choose two wild mutant heroes to play at once, swapping back and forth to chain together insane combos in true tag-team fighting style! With upgradable moves, hidden power-ups and mounts, and rare equipment that can spawn surprise fireballs, everyone gets to dish out their own brand of medieval-style justice!


"players can look forward
to a wild world"


A group of misfit delivery-men accidentally stumble upon the darkest secrets of the RezCorp resurrection insurance agency, and find out that life is a heck of a lot easier when you’re toeing the company line. Their quest to expose the truth and take down the head honchos pits them against a band of mutants, monsters, and weirdos who will stop at nothing to kill them. Then again, death is no longer a problem, as long as you’ve paid your resurrection insurance premium.


"...definitely a game I could see myself
getting sucked into for hours"
-DKC Gaming


• Old-school arcade beat 'em up fun with modern RPG mechanics

• Unleash mayhem by casting a wide variety of magical spells and team attacks

• Tag-team combat system lets you play as two characters, each with unique moves and equipment

• Work together to survive as a team with up to three-player cooperative play

• Unlock, customize and master each character’s unique set of attacks

• Wield many rare and magical weapons

• Discover hidden power-up items, from enchantment elixirs to dragon summoning scrolls


"modern corporate greed and
medieval fantasy combat"

• Explore the vast world and meet each location’s unusual inhabitants

• Go off the beaten track to accomplish missions for friends you meet along the way

• Defeat and ride powerful creatures like saber tooth cats, gorillas, and unicorns

• Highly interactive environment that lets you rain destruction on your foes (Maybe light a few dryads on fire, throw a bomb into the mix, and see what happens…)

• Enjoy the darkly humorous storyline as you navigate a world of medieval fantasy where magic has taken the place of technology and the resurrection insurance industry has run amok!


"craft your perfect playstyle"

Project History

We fondly recall the good old days of crowding around arcade cabinets, hollering at each other for help and healing as our quarters disappeared into the void. It has been decades since brawlers ruled the arcades, but these memories live on. They filled us with a burning desire to create a new kind of co-op arcade experience: one filled with crazy magical spells, tactical fighting game-play, wild heroes, tag team combos, and more. The team at Hyper Awesome Entertainment set out with a simple but lofty goal: to make the best damn brawler RPG of all time!


"leaving you with that
Marvel vs Capcom feel"

Quick Factsheet

1-3 Players Local Co-op

Available Worldwide on the following platforms:

PS4™ and PS Vita (with cross-buy!) - AVAILABLE NOW!
Windows® via Steam® - AVAILABLE NOW!

US Price $14.99


"practically flawless in its execution"
-Brash Games: 9/10 [LINK]

"The game is just absolutely outstanding"
-Next Level Gaming: 9/10 [LINK]

"like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe’s love child with added RPG elements"
-Pure Playstation: 8/10 [LINK]

"There's honestly so much in here that your head will spin..."
-BXB Games: 4/5 Stars [LINK]

"every level is absolutely different, and it's awesome"
-Gameocide: 7.5/10 [LINK]

"this is definitely a very tasty mixture"
-Play Italia: 8/10 [LINK]

"couch co-op play is a common thing for the genre but Dungeon Punks really perfected it"
-Life is Xbox: 80% [LINK]

Press/Business Contact


YouTube permissions sheet: http://www.dungeonpunksgame.com/permissions